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Uh…forget about that other dude…lets talk about Adam Lambert.

May 21, 2009

So i know that this topic has been milked to death already but I just HAVE to put my 2 cents in…and for some reason this is actually important enough to motivate me to finally get back to blogging.

A couple things…I’m in Poland and I don’t have a TV, so coincidentally I haven’t seen any of this season of American Idol. I might as well be on a different planet, the amount of news I hear about the United States couldn’t fill a teaspoon. But somehow, the news that Adam Lambert lost the contest last night did make its way across the pond (and most of the european continent) to my little room in poland. Granted, the only reason I know is because I have been avidly stalking Adam via YouTube (henceforth known as the greatest invention of the 21st century thus far)  and waiting for the results to be announced…I was so sure he’d win, though…

Dude, the guy can sing. he can sing ANYTHING. He’s original and creative, he has an incredible range, he’s an expressive and emotional singer, he can put a new twist on an old song without ruining it…in my opinion, he captures the best of what the  song has to offer, and then builds upon it.

Frankly, I think that the fact he didn’t win has nothing to do with the fact he might be Gay and that he wears eyeliner, like everyone thinks. I mean, look at Tokio Hotel. Eyeliner obviously didn’t stop them, nor did Bill Kaulitz’s hair…in fact, its my opinion that Bill’s hair and eyeliner is the only reason anyone looks twice at that band. Everyone from Nikki Sixx to Little Richard wear eyeliner, no biggie.Rock stars have been shocking parents with androgenous appearances for decades now. And as for being gay…well, Elton John’s career hasn’t been hindered by that, has it? and don’t tell me we didn’t have an inkling that Clay Aiken might be “coming out” soon even when he was on the show. Then there’s Freddy Mercury, Rob Halford, Morrissey…the list goes on.  None of this is new and radical or shocking in this day in age…in fact, I would go so far as to say Gayness and eyeliner often go hand in hand with Rock n Roll.

So whats the deal here??? Personally, I don’t know, I think its all just a marketing thing.  i do think part of his downfall is that he is a tad exaggerated and dramatic. He is obviously suited for performing, he has been on broadway for years…and frankly, I think he would be well suited for the type of flashy, theatrical glam that I love. But for the mainstream pop that this type of show is catering…maybe not. If you go back and watch his audition, you’ll see that even then, Simon was a little critical of him for this reason, and almost hesitant to let him through.Yeah, Adam does scream a lot. he does sometimes border on over-singing. I’m used to hearing this due to my little obsession with 80’s metal, but I understand that the other 90% of America isn’t listening to this kind of music. Kris is a good singer too. He’s not wildly different or dangerous, but he’s good. I understand why people might prefer him…although I’m still a little surprised.

Now, it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses. Who cares. They’re both going to have CDs come out within a year, and I’m gonna buy Adam’s, and someone else is gonna buy Kris’s…whatever. However, all I have to say is that I really, really hope that this gives rock n roll a little more visibility, and Adam sticks around for a long time. I think its time that this type of performer comes back in the spotlight, and he has a great future ahead of him….he’s confident and articulate, he’s a born performer,  and just seems like an all-around nice guy. I think he’ll be a great american idol, even if not The American Idol.

He reminds me a little of Alice Cooper, when he said that he had been called the “last of vaudeville.”

rock n roll isn’t about reality, its about fantasies and making your own world and escaping the problems of this one…it allows you to have the freedom to be absurd and to be more than a little fantastic and unrestrained.

anyway…let me know what you think…

leavin’ ya with some videos 🙂

as a big fan of Tear for Fears, I was impressed by this. NAILED.

and of course, he performed with KISS last night. I’m not a kiss fan much at all, but I have to say, he made them sound pretty good, eh? haha.


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  1. May 25, 2009 1:26 pm

    Adam Lambert + Queen = a match made in rock n’ roll heaven

  2. September 18, 2010 6:59 pm

    I hate this dude

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