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On Repeat: Cats In Boots

March 12, 2009

so its been a while since I last wrote. as you know, I just moved to Krakow…been here 2 weeks now. It is surreal. I feel like a different person already. In a new place, new friends, new everything…I haven’t spent much time on the computer as I usually do at home.

However, I’ve still been listening to music…I just got Cats In Boots-Kicked and Klawed, and I’m totally loving it. Its such a shame these guys have faded away…they’re actually one of the more interesting bands I’ve heard lately. Comprised of 2 Japanese guitarists who relocated to Hollywood to find stardom, as well as a couple California boys  lookin’ for a band, they spit out sleazy, trashy rock n roll in the veins of Dangerous Toys, Faster Pussycat, or Motley Crue.

You may have heard the song Shotgun Sally, there is a video for it that occassionally pops up on VH1.

I like this song ok, but its definitely not my favorite off the album. The Vince Neil influence is almost too obvious. And despite my undying love for the Crue, I really don’t like Vince. And frankly, I think Cats in Boots has terrible videos.

then there is this one:

The monkey in that video is freaky.

Yeah, I wish they hadn’t picked those two songs to make videos for, although both are really good songs. The entire album just gets better from there. My favorite song on it is “Every Sunrise,” which i have been listening to on repeat since I got the album. Its got a really haunting melody, and the piercing, dark vocals are spot on. Frankly, it gives me chills to listen to, and so far it hasn’t gotten old.

the following track, “Evil Angel” is also one of my favorites. I think since I discovered these two songs, they’ve been all I’ve listened to off this album. Evil Angel is a upbeat and catchy tune, and even includes some Michael Jackson-style hiccups and “oohs” and “oh yeah’s!” which crack me up every time. Really, someone should have blended Michael Jackson and 80’s sleaze metal long before. I wish I’d thought of it.

I wish youtube had something up for these two songs…I’m thinking maybe if I can figure out how to make a video, I’ll post them myself. Everyone who loves good sleaze metal needs to at least hear this record. I don’t know if it is going to stay in my CD player forever, but right now I’m really enjoying it and I’m sure I’ll be adding those aforementioned favorite two songs to many playlists in the future. Its not anything really new or ingenious, but its good, fun, entertaining rock n roll.

Give it a shot, see what you think 🙂

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  1. March 22, 2009 5:26 pm

    I just discovered Cats and Boots, but haven’t had the opportunity to explore them fully yet. Thanks for the write-up, I’ll be sure to refer back here soon when I get around to listening to the album.

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