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A little AOR for your morning…

February 19, 2009

Just a sidenote…but how did AOR, originally just a radio format, practically become a genre in itself?

H.E.A.T., a band I have written about a couple times in the past, has a new song out. As someone said, it looks like they’re part of the Eurovision Competition…

Yup, I like it. At first I wasn’t sure…the intro wasn’t all that strong, but once they jump into the chorus…powerful and fun. That dude can sing. He hits some notes…Im just going to make a prediction that they win this competition…

I’m not a big fan of the facial hair, though. Is that a legitimate concern? I don’t know. At least Nikki Sixx’s goatee makes him look like a pirate. arrgh. I really like that blonde lead guitarist though, so I suppose it is even.

Thought I’d dig some other AOR out of my youtube archives today. Sometimes I forget what is in there…I’ve taken to making folders for everything and trying to be organized. But really, it just means I have to dig deeper to find anything.

Here is another new album I don’t think I’ve said much about….Marcello/Vestry. Yes, you do recognize those names…Rob Marcello from Danger Danger (Naughty Naughty Bang Bang) and Frank Vestry…from somewhere. He apparently recorded with several bands throughout the ’80’s, but the album I am most familiar with is Last Temptation, from 1991.

Everything I’ve heard from this Marcello/Vestry combo has been good, nothing too shocking, but just good. melodic and easy to listen to. that is basically all I need to justify something as a good song.

Vestry embellishes a little with typical hair metal style,the guitar really doesn’t impress me either. But somehow I stick around to the next song. so they must have something going for them. I really haven’t gotten into them too much, but i really like that song. Thought I’d share.

How about one more song, eh?

Dreamtide-What you believe in

lyrics are the strongest asset to this band. A lot of them are pretty general cheesy feel-good stuff “let your dreams fly” or whatever, but they’re talented enough to pull it off, so I take them seriously. And they DO talk a lot about dreams. I wonder what has happened to these guys that has made them so very intent on singing about dreams, and naming themselves Dreamtide. good song though, good band…worth checking out, from what I’ve heard of them.

alright i have things to do today so I’m gonna run….more fun posts tomorrow!

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