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Danny Vaughn Fun!

February 1, 2009

hey all–

as I mentioned a few days ago, my harddrive was wiped so I’m starting over with my music. It sounds like it would be fun to have a fresh start, but it really isn’t. I miss my stuff! But it has been kind of interesting to go back and discover things I forgot about.

Today I was piddling around and found this:

A Danny Vaughn homepage. Remember Danny Vaughn? I mentioned him a few months ago. Here is a refresher:

Rock on. One of the best ballads I know of, for sure, and i’m a ballad junkie.

so why am I sharing all this today? Check out the bottom left corner of DV’s web page…thats right, free downloads! Danny posted them here himself, and was even cool enough to include some written explanations and context for each song. It includes a lot of different stuff, some from before Tyketto, some that came later, some re-recordings…in all 13 tracks. Totally cool.
Gotta respect the guy for doing this for his fans, he didn’t have to give us anything…


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