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January 30, 2009

Joe Satriani has recently made his way into the news because Coldplay apparently ripped him off. For the record, they did…I’ve heard both songs and they’re markedly similar. But that’s just drama…to many music fans, Satriani’s name has been familiar long before now.

As for me, oh…I knew who he was…the bald guy who never takes his sunglasses off anymore. Maybe because I’ve not really a guitarist, I never paid much attention solo guitar stuff, honestly I brush a lot of it aside and focus on vocals and overall composition. Which is a shame, really, because when I sit down and pay attention to it I almost always really like it. Bands can fudge their way through songs and get some popularity with very mediocre talent and little originality, but the guys who, as Satriani has done, win their fame by impressing people who really know music…well, they’re almost always worth paying attention to.

Like I said, I don’t know much about guitar, other than what little I’ve picked up from playing bass tabs on the internet (and basic theory from the 15 years of music lessons my mom forced me to take growing up) so I can’t talk much about how amazing Satriani is in that regard…I just know what I like. He isn’t a total showoff like some guitarists…not all about playing the fastest or having 10 necks and whatever…he plays music first, and he does it with perfection. It always sounds cheesy when your band director tells you to “BE the instrument”, let it be your voice, a part of you…but if you’re talented enough to really understand what that concept means and actually do it, you’re well on your way to being one of the most soulful musicians out there. It just adds another dimension to your playing. Joe Satriani has that mastered, which is why I keep coming back to watch more.

Songs for Today:

Rock On!

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  1. holepuncher permalink
    January 30, 2009 5:32 pm

    I remember Joe when he had hair…

    The Coldplay song is a coincidence, but if I coincidentally invented a cell phone years after cell phones were invented by someone else, I would still owe the original cell phone inventor a slice of my profits.

    In my book, there should always be a reward for coming up with something first.

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