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Motley Crue Countdown

December 12, 2008

If anything, you should know I am not one to miss an opportunity to post some Motley Crue when I feel like it. So, in honor of Nikki Sixx’s birthday, I thought I would pay a little tribute to him with his music. He has done a lot in the past 50 years…he’s the president of one of the most sucessful rock music labels in the country,he’s a photographer, and a clothing designer, not to mention the fact that his side project Sixx: A.M. produced one of my favorite CDs of the last year or two…but the music he made through Motley Crue still remains among the best loved of his contributions to the world.

I like countdowns even if they are pointless. I like reading what other people like and comparing it to my own. The main problem with this one is that I know Motley’s discography like the back of my hand, so picking just a few songs for a countdown is not easy work. So, I’ve made it easier by picking 5 songs from my 5 favorite albums-one song per album. Here we go:

5) Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)- Dr. Feelgood.

(oh, FYI…I still can’t get anything to embed, but if you double click the videos they come up in another window.)

A lot of people love Dr. Feelgood, but I’ve never felt all that strongly either way about it.  But this song is good enough for me to put it in the rankings. If anything, this is the song that got me listening to Crue in the first place, and it is still one of my favorites. I suspect I’m not the only one to say that. I’m kind of convinced that if everyone listened to this song, everyone would become a Crue fan, too. How do you not love it?? oh, and I think the music video is pretty great, too. I really like Tommy and Nikki’s haircuts, haha. What were they thinking…

4) Misunderstood-Crue 1994

People always write this one off because it has vocals by John Corabi instead of Vince, and overall shows Motley in a very different light than their past records. They’re more serious and much more professional here. I think that is partly why I love it so much (that, and the fact I can’t stand Vince anyway). I think if they released it today, it would still be one of the best albums of the year. Too bad it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

3) You’re All I Need- Girls Girls Girls

I agree with Jon Bon Jovi on this: had it not had such depraved lyrics, this would have been a huge radio hit, for sure. It is a beautiful song, if you can ignore the fact it is about a guy killing his girlfriend. MTV apparently refused to show this video because it had a body bag in it. Seriously, I think that is the least of my worries here. Still, I really love this song, not even gonna lie about it. I definitely think it is among the finest songs Nikki wrote.

2) Looks That Kill-Shout at the Devil

This was a hard choice. Shout at the Devil is such a great album, through and through. I can’t really find any good reason to justify why I’m going with this song, rather than something else. I just did. I think it is a pretty good representation of what Motley was going for with that album. Besides, the video for this one is ridiculous. Too Young To Fall In Love is a close second.

1) On With The Show-Too Fast For Love

I’m bummed there isn’t a real video for this. It would have made a great one.

TFFL is my favorite album of all time. I could listen to it over and over, night and day. And I’m sure I’ve done that before. I like that it is raw and gritty, and you can hear their energy and drive when they made this album. Sometimes I think the greatest crime toward music is overproducing. I think some of Nikki’s best songwriting is on this album–and yes, this was mostly a Nikki album, he had most of it written before the rest of the guys even joined the band. Every song on TFFL is a favorite…Starry Eyes, Public Enemy #1…but for top Crue song, I have to got with On With The Show, my absolute favorite. It was the first song I taught myself when I bought my bass. Plus, it fits pretty well in the theme that this is a Nikki Sixx countdown…In case you didn’t realize, Nikki’s birth name was Frank Ferrano, and this song is interpreted to be about how he “killed” that identity and created a new one in Nikki Sixx. I also wonder if it is in some ways a self prophesy…if he really did expect to die this way. I don’t really know. He almost did fulfill it,too, but thankfully he was revived…makes you think, though…what if he had died? Think of all the great things that wouldn’t have happened had he died in 1987.Kind of weird to think how much one person can really contribute to the world. That is a lesson to all of us.

Frankie died just the other night
Some say it was suicide
But we know
How the story goes

With his six string knife
And his street wise pride
The boy was a man before his time
And she knew
All their dreams would come true

But ya see, frankie was fast
Too fast to know
He wouldnt go slow
Until his lethal dose
And she knows
Hell finally come too close

Well, on with the show
Going on with the show
Come on baby
No, no, no
Oh my, my, my……(repeat)

He was bad
He was never good
But one thing that he understood
And she knew
All those lies would come true

The time has come and
Hes paid his dues
Suzy finally got the news
She always knew
This day would come soon

He was stopped on a dime
With a switchblade knife
Some damn punk went and
Took Frankie’s life
And she knew
She’d have to pull through

Broken down, with his broken dreams
With a wink of an eye
Said suzy, listen to me
You must go
On with the show


4 Comments leave one →
  1. holepuncher permalink
    December 12, 2008 3:56 pm

    That’s a solid five. I felt so bad for John Corabi after reading The Dirt. He didn’t even really get a fair shake from the band, let alone the fans. Tough job to come into.

    Anyway, I heard “Dr. Feelgood” on the radio yesterday and to this day the production on that song really jumps out at me. It almost makes them sound like an entirely different band, which is both good and bad. The bad is I do kind of miss the dirty raw sound of early Crue, but the good is they sound absolutely HUGE on “Dr. Feelgood.” The opening of that tune makes me feel like I’m getting ready to get stampeded by an angry mob and I couldn’t be happier about it.

    Ha – as I’m typing this “Shout at the Devil” came on whatever internet radio station I’m listening to in iTunes. Ahh, Satan.

    My only bone here is that I have to go with “Wild Side” from Girls. The lyrics of that song are true street poetry. “A baby cries. A cop dies. A day’s pay on the Wild Side.” I think that’s as dark as anything Nikki’s ever written and I love it because of that.

  2. December 12, 2008 4:05 pm

    I started to listen to Wild side when I made this list, but then my roommate asked if we could please turn it off and listen to something else. She likes dance music. Now I think about it…Wild Side probably is one of the stronger songs, too. So I agree with you.I still like You’re All I Need, though.

    I really feel band for John Corabi too. I got the feeling that the band members liked him, but it was really about the record company…who was trying to make money. Stinks that it all comes down to that, I would take Corabi any day over Vince.

  3. December 12, 2008 4:27 pm

    I’d add Home Sweet Home to the list. It’s one of my all time favorite songs of ever. It reminds me of the time in my life when I was introduced to Motley Crue, and it brings back SO many memories.

    I have tickets to see Motley Crue in February and I can’t freaking wait!

  4. December 13, 2008 9:26 am

    Aw I wanted to see Motley in February, but the closest they’re coming to me is somewhere in south carolina, and the concert is the same day I have to arrive in Poland…so I guess not 😦

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