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Crashdiet Demos…Rock ON!

December 5, 2008

Why is it that the more I write the less hits i get? WordPress is freakin’ loony.

Alright, everyone knows how much I love Crashdiet. I’ve been writing about them everywhere this week, probably making everyone nuts.I don’t really know why the sudden obsesson, but please bear with me-I’ve gotta get it out of my system. I just think they’re one of the best bands out there. Every member is truly talented and seem like great guys, and their songs are amazing.

crashdiet(this is my new favorite picture of them…I really want to copy it into my sketchbook. And if Martin ever gives up guitar, he could so be a model in his next life.)

Of course, we all know the drama they’ve had regarding their singer. First Dave Lepard tragically killed himself, right as they were really starting to catch on. That was by far the most unimaginably devastating things that could ever have happened to any band, but I don’t need to tell you that. Then, they found Olliver Twisted as a replacement, he hung around for a year or so, but could never completely cut the ties with his old band, so this year he left. Now, I guess they’re still hunting for another…and hopefully this next one will last a long time.

In between Dave’s passing and the time they found Olli, the rest of the band took a brief hiatus, but then got back to work. There are loads of demos from this time period floating around on the internet, most of ’em are sung by Martin Sweet or Peter London. There are also a lot of unreleased songs out there, and early demos from their first record, which are so cool to hear. .. One of my favorites is an instrumental track called “Sweet Creature”  that I’ve decided must have eventually become “Needle in Your Eye.” I’ve got a bunch of these things saved to my computer, but I just recently stumbled upon a few on youtube and thought I’d share in case y’all haven’t seen them yet. I love stuff like this…and I know other fans probably will too. Enjoy!!

I’ve got to track down more Martin demos. I know they’re out there…

and a special bonus, because I think this is hilarious…Chipmunk Crashdiet!!

that was fun. Rock On!

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  1. December 6, 2008 9:58 pm

    Crashdiet is pretty awesome. I didn’t discover them until after Lepard’s death, and was a bit disappointed with their latest CD (although it has grown on me a bit). I hope whoever they get to sing for the next album brings some of the first album magic back.

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