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DJ Ashba…another reason to love Sixx: A.M.

December 4, 2008

sometimes it is easy to forget that even the people in bands we admire are humans too, and 90% of them are good men (and the occasional lady…) and they’re truly appreciative of their fans and like to hang out with us and interact with us. I think we tend to think of them as these high-and-lofty geniuses sometimes, just as we might think of painters, sculptors, writers, or other types of artists as having a talent that the average person can’t achieve, and not “on our level.” I mean, what else explains why people go crazy when they meet a musician they admire?

It has always been my policy for myself not to get carried away with any particular group or band, and while I may favor a few over others, I always try to balance it out. You could say I’m paranoid of becoming a crazy fan 😉 I really want to see them as people first, and musicians second. But I admit, even I don’t always expect to see the people I admire to to show up in places all us “normal” people hang out. Why am I surprised to learn that DJ is on youtube and looking at fans’ videos? There isn’t any reason why he wouldn’t be. I suspect that if I were in his position, I’d be curious, too.

(check out this picture…he doesn’t have his Crowes yet!)

I guess I also shouldn’t be surprised that he would be willing to come help us out with the intro to Life is Beautiful. He didn’t have to do that, y’know? he could have just chuckled at our mistakes, and then gone on his way like nothing happened. But he didn’t, he stopped and took the time to show us exactly how to make it right. Its these little gestures that really show the measure of a man. And even if he does play fantastic guitar, have two sleeves of tattoos and a lip ring, he’s still not that different than the rest of us.

Every once in a while I just have to remind myself of that.

DJ, you rock

and that Ovation guitar is lovely. I wish I could afford nice things…

rock on.

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