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Life is Beautiful :)

December 2, 2008

I got a special present in the mail today…A copy of the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. The new “Deluxe Edition,” no less. I honestly didn’t know it was coming. I got it from that company I did the promotional thing for, and I didn’t know they were going to send me a copy, as well! Never occurred to me. So, happy surprise!


If you haven’t heard, Sixx:A.M. rereleased the Heroin Diaries as a Best Buy exclusive, and it is a double disc set. The first CD is the same one that was released last year, the new CD is actually a Live EP from the Cruefest tour this summer. I didn’t go to Cruefest, so I was excited to give this disc a spin.


I was interested to hear this CD live for a number of reasons. Frankly, when Sixx: A.M. announced they would tour, I was surprised and really curious to see how they would do it. First of all, the band doesn’t actually have an official drummer, all the percussion on the CD was taken from samples. In fact, the whole album is really heavy on the pro-tools. And flawlessly produced. I mean, I’m no expert, but i imagine it was a pretty tough job to try to figure how to replicate some of those effects on stage.

james-michael(can’t believe I don’t have a cruefest picture of James Michael saved somewhere on my computer…this’ll have to do)

So, was the live version a success? Well, I should say so. Now, the vocals especially vary from the original. And they like to add little bits and pieces to the songs, it seems. A couple are noticeably sped up. And all the orchestra-like special effects are missing, but thats ok, honest 🙂 James sounds wonderful live. I knew he had a great voice, but I also know what he sounds like without pro-tools (his debut album is NOTHING like Sixx: A.M.. Frankly, it’s on my list of worst albums ever) so I was curious to see what he would come up with live. I should have trusted him-its great. There are a couple points where he slips out of key and sounds a little breath-y, but thats not a big deal, really…more to be expected, and it adds a little charm to the performance. I especially liked this version of Accidents Can Happen. it sounds good an octave down.

Guitars were good, DJ is awesome and that is all I can say. And of course…Sixx is Sixx. All around great band, true talent, real music…a rare combination.

I really enjoyed the live version. This is a seriously good CD. you’d be hard pressed to mess it up. But, to be honest with you, I doubt I would rebuy it just for the live version, if I already had the original. Unless you really just like collecting things like that.

If you haven’t already bought the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, I really hope you give it a shot. Its one of my favorite CDs to come out in the last year or two.

Check it out! ROCK ON

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