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For All British Fans:

November 20, 2008

I just recieved the following message…thought it sounded cool so I decided to pass it on:


“I work for a TV company and we’re giving away the chance for fans to meet the band Thunder after one of their shows next week. All they have to do is watch our show. Please could you let everyone in the group know about this amazing opportunity. Thank You

Who remembers Thunder from the 80s?

We’re giving away tickets for the following dates:
Glasgow 25th November
Newcastle 26th November
Wolverhampton 27th November

The winners will also be invited to a special meet and greet after the show.

Watch Ditto Music Live on Sky Channel 180 on Thursday 20th November at 8pm to find out how to win.

We’ll also be interviewing them tomorrow and you can catch this interview exclusively on Ditto Music Live on Thursday 27th November, Sky channel 180 (Red TV).”


Its always fun to meet the guys in bands you admire, and if I lived in one of those places I would probably turn up. Thunder is a good band, don’t know why they weren’t bigger than they were.

R0ck0n 🙂

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