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Guns ‘N’ Roses

November 19, 2008

So, I’ve been a little MIA lately…thats mainly thanks to the two 10-page papers I have to write this week on top of all my usual work. However, I thought I’d take a minute to chat on here.

Chinese Democracy is coming out in less than a week! It feels sort of unreal. I mean, the last time Guns N Roses put out a full-length CD, I was in elementary school. Granted, the Spaghetti Incident was all covers…but its probably still more Guns N Roses than anything thats come since. Still, I feel like the release of Democracy is some sort of a milestone in my life…a historic moment. Its a pop-culture event on the scale of the last Peanuts comic strip and the retirement of Michael Jordan and the death of Kurt Cobain…yes, these are the things that define a generation 😉

You know what’s so funny to me? Until I was ten, I seriouslythought all music was made in Nashville, and the only thing Hollywood made was movies. The only musicians I was really familiar were country and gospel singers. I’m also pretty sure I had an inkling of who Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and Michael Jackson were, because I remember their CDs coming out and seeing pictures of them, and mainly because all three of those phenomena were impossible to ignore, even as a 2nd grader. A lot of my friends listened to silly 80’s and 90’s pop and boy bands, and I kind of liked it, but even then it wasn’t really my thing…I really didn’t listen to music. But,y’know, despite it all…I remember Guns N Roses pretty well. I remember a kid bringing a Guns N Roses album for show n tell one day. I remember Gun N Roses t-shirts. I remember wondering about who they were and what they sounded like, and I remember my mother telling me they were “bad boys” and “nice little girls don’t listen to them”, or something to that effect. I remember it vividly, I really do…and its so strange to wonder why GNR, of all things, made such an impression on my mind when I was a kid. I wonder if that had anything to do with who I am today?

So, if I learned anything in elementary school, its that I’m not really the nice little girl everyone thought I was 😉 (Actually, I also learned the song The Sign by Ace of Base and I remember that too…but I really have no further comment on that one)

I still think my mom believes I’ve handed myself over to the dark side because of my music choices.

Anyway, this Chinese Democracy thing…I’m not really phased by it, particularly…I didn’t like either of the singles I heard. I prettymuch hated listening to them. But I’ll probably buy the record anyway…if for no other reason than it has the Guns’ name on it. Because I can, basically. I know I’d be better off investing in Velvet Revolver (and praying they find a lead singer…BTW, slash-if you read this–I’m ok with having a skid roses) because there is more GNR in Revolver now than in GNR. But I think Guns represents some sort of turning point in my life…the first time I really considered there was music outside the stuff I was raised with. Its kind of special. I wasn’t old enough to buy a guns n roses album when they were on top of the world, so I just want the experience of buying one now.

I hope that makes sense. Its probably all a bunch of crazy rambling, but it makes sense to me so I’m leaving it.

Don’t Cry…I love this song

Rock on Guys!

**edit** Ps…is it crazy or what that every single glam/metal blog (ok not EVERY one…but enough) wrote a post on Guns n Roses today?? haha, seriously…2 of them posted the same video. I’m not even gonna lie, I posted it too…but then I saw what they put and I changed mine 😉

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  1. November 19, 2008 10:07 pm

    It makes total sense! GNR had such an impact on you because they’re amazing and they’re one of the greatest, most influential rock bands to come out of the 80’s.

    I feel the same way about Chinese Democracy that you do. The songs I’ve heard are OK, but they’re not great. I’m still going to go out and buy it the day it comes out because it’s been 17yrs in the making and it’s almost historical. 😉

  2. November 20, 2008 4:37 pm

    When you think of GNR’s total catalog, it pales in comparison to some of the bigger names in rock…Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, even Zeppelin (they only had a few more albums, but were only active for about 12 years). But look at the impact GNR has made on the world…and it’s unbelievable. There are so many bands that were influenced, even if only slightly, by GNR…even Carrie Underwood!

    This is a cultural event. I didn’t start getting excited about it until a few days ago. I didn’t like the leaked demos that I heard a while back, but listening to the final product…it is so much better than I expected. However, I think it helps to approach it as an Axl Rose record than a GNR album.

  3. r0ck0n permalink*
    November 20, 2008 4:46 pm

    yea, I can’t wait to listen to the whole CD tonight when I get home!I’m surprised Axl agreed to put it up, haha. I think that maybe it’ll be better than I expect now that i have an idea of what its going to sound like and I know better than to compare it to Welcome to the Jungle. I’m willing to give it a shot with an open mind!

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