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Big Happy Family :-)

November 16, 2008

You know what I think I really like about the swedish glam/sleaze scene right now? the camaraderie. I really think it’s so cool how they all support each other in their careers and get behind each other’s work, and there doesn’t seem to be any competition there, even though its a relatively small market. or maybe it is because theres so few of them that they have this luxury, I’m not sure.

For example, I found some pictures of Jocke from Hardcore Superstar wearing a Babylon Bombs shirt. I find a picture of one of the members of Babylon Bombs wearing a Vains of Jenna Shirt. When the Guitarist for Gemini Five suddenly leaves the band, Martin Sweet from Crashdiet steps in to help them finish their tour. etc etc etc etc etc…

I just think its totally cool. They all seem to be such genuine, nice guys, and they all admire each other and speak positively about each other in interviews and onstage. I know I shouldn’t be surprised that humans can be nice to each other, I guess I just don’t see a lot of it out there these days. Even LA in the ’80’s had a fair amount of rivalry (Has Vince beat up Axl yet?) and feuding. I guess its just kind of refreshing that FINALLY there are people who aren’t worrying about all that superficial stuff but are truly putting the music first.

Besides, if one of them wins, they all win.

Not much else to say…so here’s the Video Of The day. Gemini Five-You Spin Me Around. don’t think I’ve ever posted anything by them before. Idk, could be wrong. Yes, I’m aware this is a cover…but i know the original version too and Gemini’s version is totally better.


~~oh and in case anyone is interested, I just made a new blog, and you can find a feed for it in the bottom of the right column. I’m going to Poland next year, so I’m going to use that blog to talk about my travels and things I’m learning. Should be fun, right? ~~

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