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Interesting tidbit: Michael Jackson really did sell Neverland

November 12, 2008

Thats right, you got it here first.

I don’t think the media has caught wind of it yet (I googled it and nothing came up) but I expect someone to make a big deal out of the news pretty soon. They always seem to jump in on things like this…it would be out of character for them to miss an opportunity to talk about Michael Jackson’s financial woes.

As of Monday, the Deed for Michael Jackson’s Neverland was officially transferred…you can go on the website for Santa Barbara County Records and look it up, Neverland is no longer listed under Michael’s name, but instead is under a Sycamore Valley Ranch Company. Whatever that is, I don’t know. I have no idea what happened other than what I can find in public records. (no. I’m not a stalker at all…haha rather, I just have really good sources). I’m no expert, but it appears that Michael is still keeping some control over the ranch, perhaps it is part of a joint business venture with someone else. The reason things look a little fishy is that Sycamore Valley Ranch was the name of the Ranch before he changed it to Neverland. I think this is just a way for him to hold on to a meaningful piece of his life without having to take on all the burden that comes with it, whether it be financial or related to bad memories of things that happened there during his trial.

Hopefully this will help MJ clear his debt and move on…Dude. I hope he gets that promised “all new material” CD out soon. I’ve been hearing talk about it for 2 years and as of yet, not even a single…Come on MJ! let this be a new stage in your life! Give us something good!

I know that was totally not glam-related news at all, I just thought it was interesting, especially after all the recent fuss around him refinancing and defaulting…again and again and again…and besides, once a Michael Jackson fan, always a Michael Jackson fan. You can hate the man for his personal drama, but you gotta admit he is capable of making some pretty awesome music. So why not check in with him now and again?

so yea. Thats all I’m gonna say, I just wanted to share. Glam to come later 🙂 I’m really on a Swedish binge right now, so maybe I’ll spotlight one of my favorite bands. cool? cool.

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