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Meet “The Last Vegas”

November 9, 2008

Where to begin…I guess the first thing I should tell you is that Something to Burn dropped out of the Make Rock History contest finals…I don’t know why, except according to their Myspace it seems they’ve got a spot with another major rock tour. I suspect that had a lot to do with it. check them out anyway, though…they’re on myspace. I personally have mixed feelings toward them right now, so as far as I care it is probably just as well they dropped out. I suspect you’ll see more of them soon, though. The important thing to know, though, is that they’ve been replaced by a band called The Last Vegas, from Chicago, so I’m going to go ahead and write a quick review of TLV.

ps…what is up with the album cover. A pig’s head? Unique and attention-grabbing, I daresay…

In a nutshell, The Last Vegas is straight up trash. They’ve already got panties with their logo printed on them for sale on their website. I guess they come prepared for the groupies. And, not to be unnoticed, “sex” is listed first as one of their influences.

I don’t know how much that is going to affect the song lyrics, each band is different. Some play it up for image but aren’t so blatant in their lyrics, others are just the opposite. This seems to be the kind of band that aspires to live the rockstar lifestyle to the fullest, any way they can. But either way, I’m going to decline to look into their content simply because I really don’t think I want to know right now. There is only so much sleaze I’m willing to take in one dose…and its Sunday, so I’m feeling extra sensitive, I guess.

Anyway, their music is pretty rockin’. They say they’re inspired by everyone from Muddy Waters to Cheap Trick to Guns n Roses…yea. I guess they’ve covered all the bases. This is real in-the-gutter rock n roll right here. Finally, crazy guitar solos are back! Apparently they submitted a song to Guitar Hero, so you can play along with them…and I bet its a lot of fun to do. They have some seriously great jammin’ out songs…after listening to some of the other bands in the contest, I wonder why TLV wasn’t picked sooner. I think they have the potential to offer a lot to the music scene here in the US. they’ve already got a lot of rock n roll style, raw energy, and *most importantly* really great songs. A lot of attitude. They seem to already know how to sell themselves to a current generation of rock fans…and they’re able to harness the things that were great about music in the past but are often missing today, and leave behind the things that just don’t fly anymore (see: hairspray and hot pink leopard print spandex…I wish some bands would take note and see that this is not actually in style right now…even Bret Michaels has moved on). I really hope that my generation takes note…rock n roll is not dead.

I don’t really like that video or that song, frankly…it reminded me of a strobe light. I just posted it because i saw they were using a Vains of Jenna drumset and it bothered me the whole time I was watching the video. Wonderin’ why they don’t have their own drums…

(This is totally unrelated, but VOJ really has been popping up in a lot of strange places, lately…just sayin’.)

Alright that is all I have to say today. Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into our contest to win a copy of Nikki Sixx’s heroin Diaries…for more info see this link. Thanks!

Rock ON!

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