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Meet Waterstreet

November 8, 2008

Make Rock History Finalist #4…check it out.

Oh and look! They have their very own promo video:

As I understand it, Waterstreet already has quite a following in some parts of the country. I certainly see why…they’re a clean, solid band. They’ve got a great style, and are all really talented guys. They play together really well and seem to have great chemistry as a band. After watching a couple clips on youtube and listening to the songs on their myspace, I have to admit…if they came to Carrboro, I would be first in line for a ticket to their show. They’ve got great things going on. Their song, “My Woman” really caught my attention, I think I may actually have to shell out a dollar for it, in fact. I think I would recommend them to anyone who likes classic rock, or music in general.

Only thing: They sound like they’ve come a couple generations too late.

It is really interesting to me how many of the “new” bands I’ve listened to lately have had a really strong 1960’s/’70’s rock vibe…from their music right down to their hair. I think it is because my generation, the under-30 crowd, has grown up hearing that the music of “today” is worthless and no good, and the only stuff worth listening is the bands our parents grew up with, the Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc etc. It makes sense, then, that we would gravitate toward music that is strongly reminiscent of those bands. Of course, that may be a wild assumption or generalization, but I certainly see a trend.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, this band, Waterstreet, also has a distinct “70’s-ish sound, and clearly a lot of classic rock influences. I don’t want you to mistake me for criticizing them for this…no. I like their music and their style. I grew up listening to classic rock on the radio, just like everyone else, and its familiar and always enjoyable. But I don’t feel like I’m hearing the next generation of Rock n Roll from them, and I thought that is what this Make Rock History Contest is all about…Finding what comes next. Right now, I usually just feel like I’m dwelling on the past in the present.

That is just my feeling after a first listen. What do you think? Am I totally wrong on this? (I very well could be). Feel free to disagree with anything I’ve said, all of your input is appreciated and I’m interested to hear what you have to say. Don’t forget, by commenting you are automatically entered into the contest to win FREE copies of the Heroin Diaries book and CD (for more information on that, click here).

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