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November 6, 2008

Not much to talk about today…I was going to write a post about the 4th finalist for Make Rock History, but my internet is being slow and Youtube isn’t working so I’m just going to wait until tomorrow, when I can fix whatever the problem is.

But I do have a few random bits of news that you might/might not find interesting:

1. Gene Simmons is gong to be on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” tomorrow (11/7). I’m not a big fan of the show, honestly, but Gene Simmons is always interesting, so maybe it’ll be worth watching. 8:00 ET on Fox.

2. New Hinder CD is amazing. AMAZING. There shall be a review coming up soon.

3. AC/DC is still number 1 on the charts. What else was expected? They’ve sold over a million albums already in the US alone, truly a feat this day in age. I have to admit, I haven’t bought this album yet, which is shameful, but i did listen to several tracks online and all were great. I’m sure it’s a great album and well-worth the applause.

4. The band Thunder Just released an album on Monday. You may be familiar with this song from them:

I actually really like this band. They’ve got an old-school ’70’s-ish vibe thats kind of cool. They’re easy to listen to. And I’d recommend them to anyone. The songs I’ve heard from the new CD sound good, that may be something to check out! Here is where you can get a free full length MP3.

5. Speaking of Free downloads…as some of you glam/sleaze readers may already know, Gemini Five recently released a CD. Well, maybe not particularly recently, I guess it was a couple months ago. If you haven’t heard it yet, they’ve got quite a few downloads available for you only through the month of November, so check it out at their myspace!

And finally, one last reminder…here on Glam It UP! you have a chance to win some free Sixx: A.M./Heroin diaries awesomeness…Check it out here! All you’ve got to do is earn points by posting comments/etc etc, and whoever has the most comments by the end wins the prize!

And lest I become some sort of freebie vending machine, I’m heading out! Rock on!

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