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Sixx A.M. Heroin Diaries-Giveaways!!

November 5, 2008

Ok, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

last night, I wrote a post about Nikki Sixx and the Heroin Diaries, what they’re about and what they meant to me. I really hope y’all go back and read it….check it out here.

While you’re at it, Definitely check out The Heroin Diaries Website for some great downloads, videos, and other fun stuff.

Anyway…I promised you Freebies, right? The paperback version of the book is coming out now, and to promote it, I have some copies of the Heroin Diaries book and the soundtrack that I’m going to give away to whoever is most worthy.

So, how do you prove your worthiness?

A Couple Ways to Win:

1) I was thinking since it IS national writer’s month, anyone who wants to try for a free book and/or CD can send me an email or leave a comment below with a short story based on the title of one of the songs on the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack:

  1. “X-Mas in Hell”
  2. “Van Nuys”
  3. Life Is Beautiful
  4. “Pray For Me”
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Accidents Can Happen
  7. “Intermission”
  8. “Dead Man’s Ballet”
  9. “Heart Failure”
  10. “Girl with Golden Eyes”
  11. “Courtesy Call”
  12. “Permission”
  13. “Life After Death”

And when I say short story, I really mean short…you can write as much as you want or be as elaborate as you want, but I’m thinking a couple lines to a paragraph is sufficient. So for example, for my entry, I might make up a fun little scenario about what might happen on a Christmas in hell. Santa would get lost and my christmas tree would catch on fire and a dauchehound would run off with the turkey. Make it funny, make it ridiculous, make me cry, whatever…Just be creative! its the idea that counts more than your writing skill. Each story gets 6 points.

2) If that doesn’t sound fun for you, you have until the deadline to make as many [thoughtful] posts as you want on my site. You get 2 points for each post. 4 points if you subscribe (and let me know you subscribed…I can see when people subscribe but I can’t see your names, so if you want points you gotta tell me!).

3) Throughout the week, I’ll occasionally come up with other ways to win points. Keep your eyes open so ya don’t miss ’em!

So, Readers who get the most points between today and the deadline wins the prize!

Deadline will be on Friday, November 14th, by Midnight. So you’ve got a week to give it your best 🙂

So, good luck! R0CK ON!

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  1. angel permalink
    April 28, 2009 9:33 am

    ok so i pick life is beauitful,
    u wake up one day and i have the shityist morning EVER! my toast catches on fire and the water is shut off the people who live next door put dog shit on the step and yet i feel like the day CAN get worse!! i get into the car and wouldn’t you no it there is NO gas! so i finally decide to walk to work, when i get there i am late and i get fired since my boss sucks!so iget pissed and yell and have to be put out of the building! when i walk home i see the most BEAUTIFUL thing ever! a blue sky and happy children. everyone is getting along and nothing seems to bother them! they seem all so happy! thats when i relize that no matter how much shit you go through life is beautiful!


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