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Meet Lorene Drive

November 3, 2008

Wow, this has been such a long weekend. Not in a bad way—everything has been good…its just been long. But now it is Monday, and despite the yet-to-be-started 10 page paper looming in my future, I’m writing a blog post. So, today I wanted to look at a band, Lorene Drive, from California. They formed in 2002 (according to Wikipedia…yea, you know you’ve made it when you have your own Wikipedia entry.) and have since participated in the Dew Circuit Breakout (didn’t win) and are now participating in the Make Music History Contest for a chance to win an opening slot performing for Motley Crue. As some readers know, I’m investigating each of the finalists in the days leading up to the final competition on November 10th.

So, Lorene drive.

They have a CD out called “Romantic Wealth.” The tracks are as follows:
1. “God Knows I Love You Kid”
2. “Let It Go”
3. “So Easy”
4. “A Kiss Won’t Make This Better”
5. “A Song in the Key of Sex”
6. “Kill Your Lover”
7. “Lip Service”
8. “Change of Occupancy”
9. “Some Kind of Love”
10. “For the Rest of Us”

This CD surprised me. Contrary to whatever I read that had it listed as prog rock, this band actually seems to fall more under a hardcore/punk category. They sound sleazier than they actually are…or at least, they weren’t as sleazy as I’ve come to expect from music, lately. Of course, thats mostly due to my choice of music and not music as a whole. Anyway, I don’t see why there needs to be something in the rules that says you have to have trashy lyrics to play good rock n roll. Speaking of lyrics, I wasn’t a huge fan. They weren’t bad, and lord knows I’ve read some stupider ones by more mainstream artists (I think LD’s worst line is “So tired of going to sleep to the sound of your teeth grinding” which frankly, is kind of bad) but most of them didn’t strike me as being really GREAT lyrics, y’know? there was nothing that seemed particularly inspired about any of them. I don’t know if that really matters, though. Honestly, its more about how the song works together as a whole…how all the parts…the vocals, the guitars, the drums, everything, fit together. And Lorene Drive does a pretty good job of meshing it all together.

I was glad that several the songs didn’t typically fall into the usual verse-chorus-verse-chorus format. yay. That needed to go away. In fact, when you look at  the lyrics of those songs, they read more like a poem that has then been reworked into a song, rather than a song that tries to be poetic. As far as organization, the songs flow smoothly, to the point that once or twice the song changed and I didn’t even realize it. That wins a couple points in my book.

My favorite songs on the disc were “A Kiss Won’t Make this Better” and “Song in the Key of Sex”, though there was no song I really couldn’t listen to. The Ballad, “For the Rest of Us” is pretty good, too. Overall, I think this may be a disc that gets better with time. It seems to have a bit of complexity that I haven’t absorbed fully in first listen or two, but maybe I will appreciate more fully as I listen more and get more familiar with the songs.

Overall, pretty catchy, pretty enjoyable. maybe not quite 5-stars, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pull this CD out again.

Anyway, see for yourself:

What do you think? cool?
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  1. November 6, 2008 3:24 pm

    Romatic wealth was released in 2005. Have you listened to their 2008 self-released EP, “Out Alive?” Its available on itunes or you can have a listen at\lorenedrive. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

  2. r0ck0n permalink*
    November 6, 2008 6:10 pm

    thanks for the comment Itskuhl! I haven’t heard their newest release yet, all though I knew they had one out. I will be sure to look into it soon!

    Ps-by making a comment you are entered into the contest to win a free copy of the heroin diaries book/cd.

  3. Talent Scout permalink
    November 7, 2008 8:16 am

    Lorene Drive is Hands Down the best band in the “makerockhistory” competition. The other bands are decent, but, Lorene Drive has originality and has toured there asses off plus they are amazing musicians,, if any band should make rock history its them! The other bands sound very unoriginal and are absolutely not marketable. Just my opinion. Lorene Drive has my vote!!! Also you should write about their new release “Out Alive”, your guys review is for their cd that came out in 2005.

  4. xdeadgirlx permalink
    November 7, 2008 8:32 am

    never heard of any of the bands in motley crue’s competition but as soon as I heard Lorene Drive I fell in l<3ve. They are sexy boys and they write some good stuff If they don’t win this contest I’m gonna be dissapointed, I wanna see them at Crue fest 09′!! 🙂

  5. mikey315 permalink
    November 7, 2008 6:49 pm

    The fact that your just now reviewing this cd is hillarious. Where were you 4 years ago?? Obviouslly you haven’t been in the music scene very long.

  6. r0ck0n permalink*
    November 8, 2008 12:32 am

    Mikey315: I didn’t have a blog to review them on 4 years ago. And anyway, that is irrelevant to whether or not i was “in the music scene”. I doubt I would listen to them today if I didn’t have some sort of reason to do so. I’m only reviewing them now because I wanted to hear all the bands in the competition, and since I could get this CD free (as opposed to the newest one, which I’d have to pay for), I opted to listen to this one.

    Maybe in the future I’ll review their newest CD. I’m not ignorant of its existance. Thanks.

  7. mikey315 permalink
    November 8, 2008 3:40 am

    True, I seriouslly didn’t mean to offend you, this band is just like crazy good and you gotta hear there new stuff and see them live!! Anyway didn’t mean to sound like a dick, just bugs me when I see a review and I know the band has recent material out that is even better. You should contact lorene drive I’m shure they would send you the new stuff for review. Your reason being that they are blowing up right now and you could be tagged online for fans to read and draw attention to your blog, its good for you and the band in my eyes, and the readers wink wink.

  8. r0ck0n permalink*
    November 8, 2008 4:18 pm

    yea, you’re right…I’m sorry for getting snippy. I guess you just touched a nerve by inferring I didn’t know anything (sort of). I know I’m not the expert or anything but I’m tryin’, y’know? I want my site to be worthwhile. I do need to hear the new stuff, you’re right. Maybe I will see what I can dig up. thanks for the tip!

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