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Some Musicians are made for Halloween.

October 31, 2008

I think Halloween is a great holiday. What is disagreeable with free candy and fun costumes?! That’s right, nothing. So, as you might expect I like to pretend I’m a rockstar. In real life, I’m expected to be the clean-cut “good” kid. Eh. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I get bored. That is when I break out my alter-ego, Rocker-Chick. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Halloween is always one of those times…I love having an excuse to fluff up my hair as big as I can make it, wear my fake-tattoo armbands, and a super-sleazy outfit I would never wear out in public any other day of the year. Anyway, since this is a music blog, (and since playlists are kind of on my mind, since I’m playing DJ at a family party tomorrow), I was really tempted to make a great Halloween playlist and share it with you in honor of the occasion. Thriller would be number one because…well…you can’t leave Michael Jackson off a Halloween playlist. But they I thought, well, that has been done many times already, so instead I’m making my list of best musicians to dress up as for Halloween. Enjoy!

1) Michael Jackson. I feel like I should tell you, though…I really am a fan of MJ, and i have enormous respect for his music. Still. I’m know he isn’t exactly mr. handsome. Poor guy, I hate to pick on him , and I know his fans still think he is the most beautiful man on earth, but….like I said, Michael Jackson kind of is Halloween.

2) Alice Cooper. ‘nough said?

3) David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust. Man. I have a friend I tried to convince to do this. Unfortunately he’s not a good sport and refused. Would have been awesome.

4) Slash. Pretty easy, basically all you got to do is wear jeans, a junky t-shirt with an obscene logo and/or plaid, curly wig, top hat, and ever-present cigarette.

5) Sid Vicious. Once a character, always a character.

6) Lemmy. Grow mutton chops and you’re set. Really. Don’t tell me that every time you see mutton chops you don’t think “OH MY GOD ITS LEMMY!” Facial moles and general fierceness also highly recommended.

7) Angus Young. Schoolboys wouldn’t even have to go home to change before heading out to the party. Sorry…I know that joke wasn’t funny, but give me credit for the attempt.

8 ) Boy George. (if you were Slash last year, reuse the hat by taping some long strands of…things…into it, string some pompoms together, and put some random pieces of tape all over yourself. thereyago.)

alright. I’m gonna stop at 8 so y’all can offer your thoughts on what 9 and 10 should be. So tell me, readers…what rocker/musicians can you think of that would make the best Halloween costume? best answer might win a prize 😉


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  1. jacob1207 permalink
    November 1, 2008 7:34 pm

    Man, this is really funny. I like your comments on Michael Jackson (“Michael Jackson kind of is Halloween”) and Boy George (“if you were Slash last year, reuse the hat by taping some long strands of…things…into it, string some pompoms together, and put some random pieces of tape all over yourself”). Seriously, why does Boy George have random pieces of tape all over himself?

    The things you’ve gotta do in the music industry to stand out. Sheesh.

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