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Spittin’ Cobras

October 29, 2008

As Promised, I’m analyzing the top 6 finalists from Motley Crue/Guitar Center’s contest to find the next great rock n roll band. The prize is an astounding load of instruments and equiptment, a record deal, and an opening slot on Motley’s spring 2009 tour.

Out of curiousity, I decided to investigate each of these bands…heck, why not. So first up: Spittin’ Cobras, from Seattle .

1st thoughts:

  • Good influences. Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Motley Crue(a given, considering Motley is ultimately deciding their fate in this contest…), Judas Priest, Rainbow, AC/DC.
  • Not enough hair…actually. two of them kind of have hair. but its flat and greasy. What, do all Seattle bands have to look like that? If they win, I hope they get a little makeover. It would dramatically improve them. Superficial I know, but Rock N Roll is superficial, image is important,don’t try to deny it.
  • Thankfully, they’re not much in the way of Seattle Sound. I hear the Judas Priest/ACDC influence here most prominent. loud/screaming/harsh vocals…heavy and fast. this isn’t glam metal.

2nd thoughts: whoa. I might like this band. Based on the first song or two I heard from them, I wasn’t sure…I tend to like smoother, more melodic vocals…I’ll listen to the growling/yelling kind on occasion, but those kinds of bands never really make it into my daily rotation. But on Piece of You I really heard the Aerosmith influence…and I liked it. If I had one tip for that song though, I would ask him to work on phrasing…sometimes I felt the words were cut a little short. he ran out of breath too soon, is all it is. Other that, I thought the songs were great. Definitely in the veins of early Crue (TFFL, Shout), Aerosmith, and ACDC. It was fun to hear how bits and pieces each of these great bands are implemented in the Cobras’ sound.

I like the lead singer. he seems dynamic and interesting. You really can’t front a band and not engage the audience…but he seems to do a good job. They put on a good show.

Final Thoughts: Yea. Ok. I like it. None of the songs I heard really sucked. Some weren’t quite my taste, but that’s fairly irrelevant. I think, frankly, if they were to release a CD, though…I probably wouldn’t buy the whole thing. I would download the songs I like and forget the rest. Again, just my personal taste. I would have been interested to hear a ballad. Some bands “don’t do ballads” and I understand that, but sometimes when you slow a song down a bit, you can hear the bits and pieces so much better, mistakes are more obvious. I’ve noticed a lot of musicians who play fast so no one can really nitpick them. Just a thought. I’m not saying I’m looking for mistakes, actually, I’m more curious about what the vocalist would do with a ballad. Sebastian Bach can growl and scream with the best of them, but it with songs like “I Remember You” and “Wasted Time” that you really hear how powerful his voice is.

Readers, what do you think? here is a fun youtube video of them live:

Spittin’ Cobras Myspace (they’ve got two songs on their profile for you to check out)

Alrighty, that was fun! Tomorrow I’m gonna listen to Lorene Drive, a California Prog-Rock band. Yay?? we’ll see 😉 Be sure to subscribe/thumbs up (stumblers) so you don’t miss anything!

Rock ON!


Edit: So, that picture of the Spittin’ Cobras was really bothering me all week, because I knew it reminded me of something, I just couldn’t think of what. Finally, it dawned on me. Boy Meets World! That little guy with the long hair looks like Joey, and the bigger guy looks like Frankie! Ok, maybe its a stretch. But It totally makes sense to me. Now, I’m just waiting for a “Cory” to join their band so they can beat him up.

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