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LA Ink with Nikki Sixx.

October 29, 2008

Y’all really like Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx, I know that. It seems when I check my stats, every day about 60% of the search engine terms used to find my page include one or both of their names. So, since you’re hungry for Nikki news…I suspect you already know he was on LA ink last week. Yeahh. If you missed it, I feel sorry for you. It was a good one.

anyway, I found a link to the clip on myspace, thought I’d pass it on. enjoy, if you haven’t already!


Ps, I really admire Nikki for doing this. I don’t “get” people who go online and want to slam him for such a sweet gesture. Its clear he did it because he really loves his friend, and for someone to go out there and write stuff about how its “gay” and make crude jokes about Tommy Lee must be jealous is kind of wrong. Come on, grow up…

Rock On!

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  1. rigsgotbedoingcrazythings permalink
    December 6, 2008 4:39 pm

    pedople slam him because he only does things if there’s something in it for him. Why didnt he get a tattoo of the late robin crosby (his best friend) or randy costillo or of his grandmother or even go to any of their funerals?? He never event went to Vince’s baby girls funeral or called Vince to pay his respects.

    On the surface it seems like a nice gesture but when you really look, Nikki just did it to write Motley Crue in on an episode. He’s only on LA INK whenever it has something to do with him.

  2. Ultraviolet permalink
    December 25, 2008 7:45 pm

    I’m sorry to say, but the above comment is VERY, VERY true. Some people who have comments know him personally or folks who do, and he is extremely manipulative and self serving. His own children do not even come first (or second) in his pitiful life. He has abandoned his adopted child, and regularly emotionally isolates his biological kids. He uses his abusive childhood as an excuse to be a jerk ALL the time, when many people went thru a lot more than him. Frank is lucky his father didn’t stay to beat him up everyday, or even rape him. Yet, he acts the way he does lying to fans, associates, friends, lovers, himself. Without his phony image and pity party he is NOTHING. I know for a fact that there is no real love in this fiasco, neither of these two know what love is. And he is truly the biggest loser in LA that I’ve encountered. His image is breaking, fast, and people are bringing out the truth, that’s why there are some negative comments…..because THEY ARE the truth.

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