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Bon Jovi

September 27, 2008

Its never been a secret-Bon Jovi is one of my favorite artists, period. I don’t really get why people rag on them all the time. They’re no more cheesy or superficial than any other band I can think of, and they genuinely make good music. If you doubt me, watch this clip:

Ok, so that probably wasn’t representative of the band at all. Frankly, I’ve really just been looking for an excuse to post that video. Its from Bon Jovi Unplugged, which was taped about a year or two ago, I think. I’ve watched this in its entirety several times through, and this song is always my favorite part. By the way, yes I know it is originally by Leonard Cohen, and no I don’t want to fight over which version is better, although I daresay Jeff Buckley’s might be a close tie with this one.

Jon singing this song strikes me for so many reasons. The passion he puts into it, the way he commands his voice…its hands down one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen Jon do. It just struck me that this must be the kind of song that Jon wishes he wrote himself, because he just throws himself into it so deeply. And then his expression at the end…he looked almost confused, hurt…as if the cheering of the audience disturbed him on some heart-level, because that song isn’t meant for cheering, its meant to stop you in your tracks and move your soul.

Maybe I’m a little oversentimental in regards to this performance, but what does it matter. Its still one of the greatest songs ever written, and Jon is one of the best performers I know of…thats why he’s lasted so long.

major kudos!


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