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Defense of “real” Rock

September 15, 2008

so, in light of last week’s hype about how Nikki called out the Jonases and Miley for not being Rock n Roll, it is interesting to note that this is NOT a new argument. Apparently, 5 years ago a very similar debate (Rolling Stone started it…once again) occurred when Britney Spears was featured as a “woman of rock” on the magazine’s cover and Joan Jett went unmentioned. Heresy! know I don’t need to say it, but thats a really good reason why no one who seriously likes music subscribes to Rolling Stone.

Apparently, soon after the publication of the issue, a woman wrote a great letter in defense of “real” rock ‘n’ roll and sent it in to them. It wasn’t published in the magazine, but it did make its rounds on the internet. Now, as the article states, the published letter (read it HERE) was not really written by Joan Jett, as was rumored. Personally, I think that is irrelevant, because the letter’s contents are still great.

my favorite sentence: “by RS standards, Rock is no longer a style of music but a trendy costume to be whipped up by expensive stylists and slapped onto the latest pop tart Barbie doll. ”

so true. This my friends, is what Nikki Sixx was speaking out against…this pervasive idea that rock n roll is just found in the way you look and the way people are meant to perceive you (aka, the way you market yourself)…Sometimes rock n roll is marketed and sometimes it does have definite fashion trends, but real rock…It’s deeper than that. There is more substance there. It ain’t about making a fashion statement, it ain’t about trendiness. Its an attitude and a real way of life.

Rock on y’all!!

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