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Houses of the…Haunted?

August 21, 2008

So I actually need to be doing homework right now, but I have a Led Zeppelin story to share.

I’ll make it brief (because, well, it is brief.)

I was sitting here reading, when suddenly I started considering whether KISS could be considered the 3rd most influential rock band, after Led Zep and Black Sabbath. I still haven’t reached a conclusion on that, but it doesn’t matter anyway, because that isn’t what my story is about. So, I’m thinking about that, and the thought flashes through my mind “hey, I haven’t listened to any Zep CDs lately.” Then, I SWEAR, my music changed automatically BY ITSELF to a Led Zeppelin CD. It was like my media player read my mind, and decided to help me out. So, without pressing any buttons or anything, I find myself listening to Houses of the Holy. And feeling severely creeped out by what just happened.

I know that probably wasn’t worth reading, but I had to share. It was just too weird not to share.


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