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what makes a great glam band?!

August 12, 2008

I was thinking today about how confusing rock music really is. all these subgenres are getting out of control. We have the oldschool elvis-y rock (rockabilly I think is the proper term, but that sounds stupid to me so I’m ignoring it) on one hand, and then we have grunge, glam, thrash, folk, punk…the list goes on. But what differentiates these from one another? some are obvious: Black Sabbath and the Eagles really don’t quite belong in the same category. Others, however, aren’t so easy.

Case in point:

we have the sub-genres of hair metal, glam metal, sleaze rock, etc…sometimes all these are used as synonyms of the exact same thing…but sometimes there are slight differences between the categories. Its frustrating to see  people grouping bands like Poison and Guns N Roses in the same category for no reason other than they ride harleys, they have long hair and they came from Sunset Strip in the 1980’s, even though they’re notably different stylistically and attitude-wise. Yet no matter what you tell them, some people would still argue that Guns is a glam band just like the rest of them.

So I ask you, readers, What makes a great glam band? What criteria do you use to distinguish one style from another? is it a matter of fashion? musicianship? attitude? How do you define the genre?

something to think about….

I’ll probably post my thoughts later this week 🙂

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