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July 31, 2008

So for all of us who can’t make it to an actual cruefest date in person…here it is! live and available on the web!!!!


and secondly: Today Motley made a big announcement at the Guitar Center in LA…they said they are having a bit of a “contest”, and the winner gets to open up for them on their 2009 tour. For more info: There some pretty freakin’ amazing prizes, too…The winner gets:

-an opening slot in Motley’s tour next year
-25000 dollars cash prizes
-20000 dollars in new gear from Gibson
-a management deal
-and a recording deal from eleven seven records (which Nikki Sixx is currently President of)

hooooly cow. Thats a lot.

Anyway, I’m really excited they’re doing this! Not so much the contest itself, because I neither have a band nor play any sort of rock-n-roll instrument (I can play trumpet pretty well, but what good is that in a rock band?), but because this prettymuch confirms a 2009 TOUR! I suspected they would tour again, but its nice to know for sure 🙂 ahh! I can’t wait! I am NOT missing it next time around.

I really think they should’ve done something like this the last time around, or at least given their opening slots to bands like Vains of Jenna, which have much more in common with Motley Crue than, say, Trapt…and VOJ rocks a lot harder, too, but don’t hardly get any recognition outside of the few of us who listen to Swedish Sleaze (as I like to call it). Not to mention, Trapt and Papa Roach really aren’t any good, and I think a lot of people-myself included-weren’t happy to see them on the Cruefest bill. This contest they’re giving a fighting chance to a great band that otherwise (seeing the state of American music today) might never make it to the top, but really deserves it.And hopefully bumps a few less-than-exciting bands from the running. Motley is helping bring Rock n Roll back!!!

So yea, everybody get pumped!! We get to watch motley tomorrow night (FOR FREE) andddd we get to see them again next year! can life be better!


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