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Non-American music all Americans need to hear

July 13, 2008

Americans spend altogether too much time whining about how there is no good music out these days. They complain about the widespread popularity of Rap, and how it’s all “trash” and no good to listen to.

You know what? I’m sick of it. I wish everyone would just give it a break and clue in to all the great music coming out of Europe and other parts of the world, instead. Why hasn’t anyone else ever thought about that?! One would think it would be obvious, as so many of the great bands that shaped our American culture-the Beatles, the Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, etc-have come out of Europe. Yet today, in 2008, I’ll bet the majority of Americans have no idea what is going on musically in a country other than their own. I don’t know what happened here that there is suddenly a disconnect between cultures, but hopefully it will end soon and people will recognize all the wonderful gems hiding out over there.

I got to thinking about this the other day while I was listening to the Hellacopters. Then, out of curiosity, I started challenging myself to see how many other Swedish bands I could come up with, and it turned out to be quite a list. Now, Sweden has always struck me as a fairly obscure country (no offense, Swedes…I do love you) so if even they have a more interesting music scene than we do, what might that suggest about European music as a whole?!

So, with a little help from the internet and Classic Rock Magazine (a wonderful British publication), I have compiled a list of non-American rock bands…here they are! Hopefully it’ll help someone find some music they can’t complain about 🙂

The Ark <–this band’s music makes me smile everytime. I honestly think they’re kind of bizarre but I love them anyway. Perhaps their weirdness is part of the charm.

Crashdiet <–GLAM SURVIVES!

Europe <–hardy har har

Fatal Smile

Gemini Five

Hanoi Rocks <–old school! but they have a new CD, just out just last year. Apparently it did pretty well in Europe but no one in the US has heard of it yet…too bad. I heard one of the songs off of it and I thought it was pretty good, too.



Shotgun Messiah <–another retro band! but still good. I always thought this was a fun, interesting song.

Sigur Ros

Tiziano Ferro <-an Italian pop-rock singer I’ve liked for a while now. I know this isn’t my usual genre, but his song “Tardes Negras” is one of my favorites. Listen here.

Veins of Jenna <–pretty classic ’80’s style sleaze, right here. And frankly, nothing but sleaze.

**Actually I think I’m going to leave off here and work on this a little more tomorrow–I know there are plenty of noteworthy bands I’ve forgotten (or haven’t heard of yet) but its 1am and I’m too tired to care. Hopefully this is enough to get you started and interested until I get back to finishing this!**

PS—–Do any readers have suggestions or additions?? Please leave a comment and let us know which non-American bands you love!

PPS—–I realize this is a gross generality, and there are some great American bands out now, and there are Americans who listen to “foreign” music (other than, say, Coldplay). But I’m sure everyone has heard the whining about rap and the “demise of the music industry” and knows what I’m talking about when I write this post. I’m just trying to show there IS a lot of great stuff out there, once you start looking!!

Thanks a bunch, guys! Rock On!!

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  1. July 13, 2008 11:23 pm

    Check out The Answer. I think they’re from the UK. More classic rock oriented, but they have their heavy moments, and a killer cover of Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion.”

    Also, just a note on Crashdiet…they have parted ways with their singer, but plan to continue and hire a replacement. The first singer, for those who are not familiar, committed suicide a few years ago. The first album is better in my opinion, but “Unattractive Revolution” is still a good record.

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