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A Nikki Post-Take Two

July 8, 2008

You know what? I gush all the time about how intelligent Nikki Sixx is and how hes the ultimate rocker and how no one else comes even close to his level of awesomeness…and 99.99 percent of the time I believe all that to be true. But right now, let me be honest and cut the bullshit, Nikki Sixx can be a real jerk. As much as I like him, I’m not to blinded to see when he’s being a fool.

For whatever reason, right now I’m suddenly disliking him more than my usual dislike tends to go. There are several reasons for this:

1) I didn’t get to go to Cruefest. and I’m still mad about it.

2) I still don’t like that he is dating Kat, I think its all a media ploy and I’m tired of hearing about it. I don’t doubt they like each other a whole lot, but all his sappy blog articles and pictures on his myspace are just getting ridiculous and irritating. Why is a grown man acting like a puppy dog? Again, I’m sure they have a great relationship and they love each other, but whatever. I don’t need to hear about it every minute of the day. I feel as if they’re playing off each other to draw attention to themselves-almost like a strange, strategic career move.

3) speaking of Myspace, there is a photo he posted on there of himself flicking off a church sign. I mean, who does that? I don’t care if you’re not a Christian and you don’t believe in Jesus and all that, but have some respect for those who do. I’m a Christian AND a Crue fan, and I’m a little hurt that a person I look up to so much would be so thoughtless and nasty toward something really important to me. I know its kind of ridiculous for me to be upset about this, and he shouldn’t be expected to live according to my expectations, but I still thought it was in bad form to give his middle finger to a church.

4) I think he treats Donna’s son terribly, and thats pretty unforgivable. it always makes me angry now when I hear him say in interviews he has only four kids, when just a year or two ago he would have told you he had five kids. Since the divorce, he prettymuch abandoned that poor boy. I mean, he raised him since he was just a little fellow, he has been his father most of the child’s life, and now that Donna is out of Nikki’s life, he just dismisses the boy, too. You’d think that someone who has all those abandonment issues he keeps talking about would be a little more careful not to cause another kid the same problems.

5) I’m aware of quite a lot of other rumors regarding Nikki, such as those that claim he “hides money” (or has hidden money in the past) to avoid paying out his fair share. I don’t know how true these rumors are, I will probably never know how true these rumors are, I DON’T CARE how true they are. I tend to brush them aside and disregard them, because that is exactly how rumors should be treated. At the same time, though, just thinking about them leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Also, knowing what I do know to be a fact regarding other such rumors, I have a hard time of always giving Nikki the benefit of the doubt. I won’t say anything more on that note.

Alright, enough Nikki-bashing for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll turn the other cheek and write a post about how much I like him. Anyhow, I do feel better to get those few complaints out of my system.

Rock On y’all!!

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