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Dave Barnes

July 6, 2008

Dave Barnes is one of my favorite “new” artists. First of all, (to me) he sounds completely different from anyone else in the business. His voice truly is unique, and especially suited to singing with special style that seems to be a modern-day reincarnation of ‘1970’s funk, blues, R&B, and soul. Its hard to pick exactly what genre Barnsie falls into, as he so gracefully melds all of them together. However, his influences are definitely noticable in his music. I would even go so far as to pay Dave the compliment of saying he reminds me of such talents as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

I think the #1 reason Dave’s music appeals to me is that his songs are lively and joyful. He makes you feel good to listen to him. Frankly, I’m tired of songs that tell me how life sucks and the world is falling apart…I don’t want to hear it anymore. I just want some fun, happy music–and Dave delivers. The lyrics are sweet, innocent, cheerful and well-meaning, and most importantly, they speak of something deeper than just what we see on the surface.

I should probably also mention I’ve seen Dave play live twice, and he puts on a fantastic show. He’s a natural-born comedian, and he uses his talent to supplement his music. Most Importantly, I really feel his heart is in the right place. His songs have great messages and great hope, something I think the world needs a lot more of, sometimes.

Anyway, I’ll cut the chatter and post a song here, for your enjoyment 🙂

Let's just take our time
There's nothing else to do
What better way to spend the night
Than wasting it with you
The moon has won the war
The daylight waits to end
Stay here by my side
We'll watch the struggle start again

I need you now and forever
So stay right here with me
Don't ever leave
Love was kept from me like a secret
And I swore that I was through
Until you, until you

The city settles down
I watch you as you sleep
There's a silent celebration for
Every breath you breathe
Now this all makes sense
With you as company
I left all I knew and found
A better part of me, yeah

so yea, thats Dave. I really hope he makes it big.


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