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Motley Crue-Favorite moments

July 5, 2008

Cruefest is in Charlotte, NC today-the closest they’ll ever get to where I live. In fact, they’re probably performing right now, as I write this. Where am I? NOT at Cruefest. Today sucks.

I could cry. I could whine, wallow in tears, get angry…But instead, I am going to make a list of memorable Motley moments (actually, its turning into more of a list of Nikki Quotes) and share them with you. Annnd here they are!


Jimmy Kimmel (to the Crue): The fire marshal must love you guys.


A Narrator (speaking about Motley Crue): The fact that they’re all still alive, to me, is testimony to the incredible achievements we’ve made in modern science. In fact, two of them are probably dead, and they’re just sticking them full of adrenaline and electric shocks just to keep them walking around on their stilettos.

You can watch the video of this interview here


Nikki: Hey man, someone’s gotta snort it, someone’s gotta drink it, someone’s gotta go to bed with all these girls-It’s a hard life, but as long as I get paid for it, imean, I’ll do it…


Nikki: “It’s not the brick ya got in your hand…. its the faith ya got in your head that knocks down the wall.”


Vince: We have a Dr. Phil…Thats Nikki.


NikkiSixx: “Decadence doesn’t just come with a half a bottle of whisky and a dirty needle – it’s everywhere if you want to embrace it.”


Nikki: “I quit drugs, smoking and drinking, so I’m basically a f—ing monk now. I don’t even like my coffee that hot.”


Interviewer: When you do check out, what do you want to be remembered for?

Nikki Sixx: I’d feel really good if they said “the guy was honest.” Just honest…in everything he did.


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