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As long as I’m sharing videos…

July 3, 2008

here is one more.

ahahah I can’t believe I just posted an Osmonds performance on my blog. I never thought I’d see the day. As if it matters, I’ll just tell you I’m not really a fan of the Osmonds, but my mom is. She (along with every other 50 year old woman on the planet) wants to marry Donny…still. Unfortunately for them, Donny is happily married and has been for quite a number of years now. And luckily for Donny, most of his fans are married now too, which saves him from being mobbed by overly-affectionate middle-aged women every time he goes out in public.

I will give the Osmonds this, though–they do have a few good songs. this is one of them, as is their cover of “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” That one is a classic. FYI-I don’t dislike the group, but I have always lumped them in a category with the likes of NKOTB and N*Sync and such—primarily around for little girls’ eye candy and not much substance. To an extent, that is true, but The Osmonds have also proved themselves to be more than just fluff, and they could write their own songs. So therefore, I do allow myself to listen to them occasionally 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this flashback.

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