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Creed-My Own Prison

July 2, 2008

This is actually a kind of special video for me. It’s the song that introduced me to rock music. I remember when Creed got popular in the mid-nineties…I was probably just coming into my preteen years (should give you a clue of how old I am) and I bought a Creed CD. It was the first CD I ever picked out for myself, so therefore it is quite memorable to me. Before then…well, I listened to Amy Grant, and nothing else. My mom was a fan of Amy, and we have about all of her tapes, so as a kid she was literally all that I listened to. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Amy, and I still do to an extent, but I guess at that age I was just starting to feel the desire to be my own person, to think for myself, and I was looking for something that would differentiate who I was becoming as a teenager from who I was as a child. Creed fit the bill because they were a) something that my parents would disapprove of, and b) they were still somewhat safe, mainstream, and lyrically unoffensive. I remember clearly picking that CD out of a mail-order catalog and deciding that was the one I wanted, and I remember the day I brought it home and put it in my boom box (I can also remember the day I told my mother I wanted a “boom box” for Christmas, and she laughed at me. But I got one nonetheless.). The music was loud and aggressive and obnoxious, i remember my dad yelling at me to turn it off, and even I was a little fearful of it. I know, I know…there are tons of songs harder and heavier than this one. You got to remember, I was an Amy Grant fan up until now, and a pretty sheltered kid. This was the first time I had ever heard anything at all like this. So anywy, I took the CD out of the Boombox and put it back in the case, and there it lived for a while longer. Finally one day, I decided I could convince myself to like the music, and so gave it another try. lo and behold, this time I was ready for what was coming…I braced myself against the heavy drums and bass…and I found that I actually liked it. And I wanted more.

All through middle school, this CD was what I listened to. I was pretty darn proud of it, because I considered it a “badge” of coolness. For me, it was rebellious, it was a challenge to my parents and what they approved of for me. Of course it was cool. And so I listened to it every chance I got…well, mostly on the schoolbus.

Anyway, Thats my story. Thanks Creed, you made me who I am today—for good or bad.

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