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Hard Rock Park

May 1, 2008

y’all heard about this?!

I stumbled across it a few weeks ago, but just thought I would pass it on to you. So apparently, a Hard Rock amusement park opened outside of Myrtle Beach this month (but the “official” opening is June 2.) ’bout time, I’d say. The Aerosmith Ride at Disney world was always my favorite, so of course I can’t wait to visit a WHOLE AMUSEMENT PARK full of similar rides. There is going to be a Zeppelin ride, a Slippery when Wet ride, an Eagles Ride…i mean. How awesome can you get.

yea. Suddenly I CANNOT WAIT to go on our yearly family vacation to Myrtle beach.

And a quick word to the Hard Rock people–here are some more ride suggestions I would like to offer up:

  • Too Fast for Love Coaster
  • a Van Halen bungee-JUMP. ahaha. cheesy, I know.
  • A Heaven’s Door. Photo-op. i’d knock. (that sounds dirty?!)
  • A Sergent Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Parade scheduled every day at precisely 3pm. (just like Disney!)
  • A Midnight Rider ride? that seems too obvious.
  • Soul Kitchen restaurant! Morrison Tribute!
  • If you want to go completely Disney-esque, add a Safari. We’ll call it “Welcome to the Jungle.”
  • Wreck of the Old ’97! Really. That song could potentially be turned into the most terrifying ride of all time.

eh. thats all I got for ideas.

See Y’all There!!!!

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