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May 1, 2008

Rock of Love with RICHIE SAMBORA??!

“He’s perfect for TV. If you thought Bret [Michaels] was must see TV, you ain’t seen anything yet. Richie is going to be a train wreck looking for love,” a source tells OK! Magazine.

No Way. NO FRICKIN’ WAY is this one true. Bret Michaels can go get out of town, that is fine, but he doesn’t need no replacement on his trashy show. Least of all should that replacement be Sambora.

alright. As usual, my observations on this:

  1. Who starts these rumors???? Don’t they have like, a real job or something they should be doing?
  2. Richie is going to be a trainwreck?! Isn’t that an awful mean thing to say about a person?
  3. What kind of person (ok…besides Bret) agree to be exploited on these shows. really. Do you want to be that kind of person? I think not.
  4. And even if you don’t mind the exploitation, why would you want one of those nasty, trashy girls??
  5. Doesn’t Richie have enough to deal with right now not to have to put up with this mess?

Of course, this all goes on the assumption (aka—what I like to believe) that Richie is a good, smart guy…not idiot enough to actually consider something this ridiculous. If he is truly considering doing this…man. I feel sorry for the guy. He apparently is facing MUCH bigger issues than we ever thought.

I guess I am just ticked off at the idea of it.

leave Richie alone, guys. really. His dad died, his wife divorced him and took his kid, he went to rehab, he got a DUI…the fellow really doesn’t need your help to make life a little tougher.

alrighty…I just needed to share that rant 🙂

Jennifer 🙂

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