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April 29, 2008

Here is a site I would like to introduce:

You can select categories–favorite decades, your current mood, genres…etc-and Musicovery picks music for you based on that. It is a great way to find things that you would never have even thought to search for. There is nothing to download, everything is played straight through your computer.

Personally, I’m starting to like this program more than Pandora.

Just a note, though—If you specify “energetic” music from 1982—every song that comes up will be off of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. But other than that little glitch (lol, perhaps not that bad of a glitch, though, depending on how you feel about MJ) it seems to come up with some great, diverse stuff! I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Also note–The sign-in form seems to be written en Francaise…so if you don’t speak French…sorry? It shouldn’t be too hard to decipher. It just asks for name, country, password, email, etc…exactly what you’d expect. But even so, I don’t think you really have to become a member to listen to the music. You just cannot save your favorites.

Another great way to discover music is actually youtube. I would think that would be obvious, considering the incredible number of songs and videos already on it, but I still don’t think it has been milked to its full capabilities. Honestly, I think Prince (among other artists) was an idiot for throwing a fit when his music was put onto youtube. I think he has essentially refused many potential fans the opportunity to discover his music. It isn’t like they have MTV to depend on to show good videos and introduce him to the world, as he used to…But whatever. I’m sure he has a good reason. Anyway, I cannot tell you how many artists I have discovered on youtube. anytime I want to see what a particular band is all about, I head immediately to youtube. Something about hearing AND seeing just creates a fuller experience. It isn’t like you can just wander off and do something else, you actually watch the video and give them all of your attention. You meet the artists, you see their faces, they become more real to you.

Alright, that is all I wanted to say for today. Tomorrow I suppose I’ll write a post on my new curiosity, Joe Perry’s Macaroni and Cheese. More on that later.


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